Ear Stretching Kit




Ear Stretching kit, black acrylic ear stretching spikes with black marble acrylic plugs. These expanders/plug work out at just over £1 each!

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Ear Stretching kit comprising of 9 x black acrylic ear stretching spikes, from 1.6mm to 10mm inclusive, as well as 9 black and white marble design acrylic ear stretching plugs in matching sizes. This full ear lobe stretching set enables you to easily stretch your ear piercings.The items work out at just over £1 per expander/plug.

 Amazing value & limited stock of this set.

Kit comprises of 1 of each black acrylic ear expanders, (1.6mm,2mm,2.4mm,3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm), as well as 1 of each matching sizes black and white marble pattern acrylic ear plugs.(1.6mm,2mm,2.4mm,3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm).

To stretch your ear lobe piercings you need to 1st make sure your ear piercing is fully healed, then start with the smallest size (in this case 1.6mm). You can use various sorts of gel etc., to lubricate the piercing and make it easier to insert the spike. (Lots of different sorts can be used, we do usually stock sterile stretching gel, this is extremely good, and is supplied in small sterile packs at very competitive prices.)

 You need to slowly push the spike into your ear piercing (front to back of ear in this case, but you can do it the other way if that is more comfortable for you),  until it goes in all the way, (if it hurts too much, then stop, take it out and try again a little later), if it does go through then you will need to get the smallest ear plug, take the "O" rings off it, and push it against the back of you ear piercing, to match it up to the spike, push the plug into you ear piercing so it pushes the spike out with it, (it goes out the way it came in), the plug should take the place of the spike, then you can put the "O" rings on, and you have successfully stretched your ear lobe piecings!!

You really need to wait a while now before going up a size, it is up to you how long you wait, but it is usually recommended to wait at least 2 weeks between stretchings, some recommend 2/3 months, there is a lot of different advice, read up on it, and do what you think is most sensible, it is your peircing that you will have to live with, going too fast will rip the tissue and may permanently damage your ear. 

This is only basic guidance, we advise you read more on different ways to do this and decide how you want to stretch you ear lobe piercings. 

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