Blue Acrylic Ear Stretching Set

Starter ear stretching kit in blue acrylic, with surgical steel flesh tunnel. 

Starter ear stretching set, 1.6mm 2.4mm,3.2mm & 4mm blue acrylic ear stretching spikes with a 4mm surgical steel flesh tunnel.

 Don't forget, as this kit is over the £5 price, you will get another FREE piece of body jewellery too, usually in this case, another surgical steel flesh tunnel to go with this set!! Great value.

Set of 4 ear stretching spikes for ear lobe stretching, 1.6mm,2.4mm,3.2mm & 4mm, along with a 4mm surgical steel flesh tunnel with "O" ring. This set should enable you to easily stretch your ear lobe piercing from 1.6mm to 4mm (14 gauge to 6 gauge).

If stretching your ear lobe piercings for the 1st time, please wait until your ear piercing is fully healed, then start with the smallest size (usually  around 1.6mm or 14 gauge) stretching spike, nail or crescent, once this can easily go through your piercing (usually around 2+ weeks), it is time to move up a a size. If your piercing hurts too much when trying to stretch it then stop, do not force it too much, as this may tear the skin tissue, so the best advice is do it slowly, do not rush it at all.