Belly Bars 14mm

14mm Belly Bars

14mm plain

14mm belly bars, surgical steel curved belly bars.

14mm belly bars are not widely available , but we stock these 14mm surgical steel belly bars for use on our range of uv glow and acrylic belly bars, so if you need a 14mm long belly bar but find it hard to get one, this handy pack of 6 curved 14mm belly bars will help you out. All you have to do is unscrew the balls from your existing bar, and screw them onto one of these 14mm belly bars. You can't usually do this easily on silver designs, but you can on all of our UV & acrylic belly bars.  (Don't over tighten the balls).  

You get 6 bars in this pack. 

14mm long belly bars are quite hard to get hard of, but if you need a 14mm long belly bar then these are ideal. High grade 316L surgical steel and suitable for all of our range of UV glow and acrylic belly bars. All you have to do is unscrew the old bar and screw on the new one, but please don't over tighten the balls as they are acrylic and this is softer than surgical steel, so you may damage the threads on them.    

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