Belly Bars 6mm

6mm Belly Bars

6mm plain

6mm belly bars, plain high grade 316L surgical steel 6mm curved bars. 

6mm belly bars for use as replacement bars for uv belly bars etc., these are the bars that we use on our 6mm belly bars, the best quality surgical steel belly bars. If you need a 6mm long bar on your uv glow or brightly coloured acrylic belly bars then you can easily change the bars on all of our uv belly bars to the size you need, just unscrew the old bar and screw on the new one, (don't over tighten the balls)..

You get 6 bars in this pack.

6mm belly bars in a pack of 6, these high grade surgical steel belly bars can easily be used to shorten the bar length on any of our uv glow and acrylic belly bars. The old bar will just unscrew and all you have to do is gently screw on the new bar, please don't over tighten it though, as the acrylic ball are softer than the surgical steel, and you may damage the threads.  

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