Pregnancy Belly Bars

Pregnancy Belly Bars with jewels, these maternity belly button bars are flexible and are great for your rapidly increasing bump!

Pregnancy belly bars with highly flexible bio flex bars and lovely round jewels, these maternity belly bars are made specifically for use during pregnancy, although you may have to take the bar out in the later stages. They can be cut to the size needed and then re-threaded using any regular surgical steel top ball.

Bio flex body jewellery is highly flexible and also very compatible with body piercings. These belly bars are designed for use during pregnancy, and are approx 19mm long.

They can be cut down if needed, but most leave them as they are.

You may still have to take these belly bars out during the later stages of your pregnancy, depending on how much your belly piercing stretches.

If you need to cut the bio flex belly bar shorter, cut it at a slight angle with sharp scissors, and get a screw on top ball in steel or titanium from another of your belly bars, hold the bio flex belly bar firmly and slowly screw on the top ball, it will cut a new thread into the bio flex, and when you have turned it a few times, there will be enough thread for the ball to screw on and stay on. (Please remember when cutting your bar to leave enough for this new thread, and also leave the bar long enough for your belly piercing still to be able to change and stretch as your bump gets bigger.)

We will do this for you if you ask when ordering, the new bar will be within 1mm of the size.