Set of 3 Jewelled Tragus Studs

Jewelled tragus set

3 surgical steel tragus studs with jewelled screw on balls. Also can be used for monroe piercings


Set of 3 1.2mm x 8mm jewelled labrets, suitable for 1.2mm piercings, usually used for monroes (top of lip), of tragus piercings (inner ear), Stainless steel bars with screw on jewelled balls, (1 x clear jewelled,1 x pink jewelled, 1 x AB reflective jewelled.) 

Tragus piercing jewellery with tiny jewelled screw on balls, these high grade surgical steel bars are 1.2mm thick (standard tragus piercing size) and 8mm long. The jewelled balls we currently have in stock on our website are pink, ab reflective and clear, but we do usually have lots more colours available , so if you want any other particular colours, or bar lengths (we also stock 10mm & 6mm tragus bars),  please just ask..  

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