Circular Barbell Horseshoe with Black Jewelled Balls

Circular barbell horseshoe with front facing black jewelled screw on balls

These 316L surgical steel barbells are available in a 1.2mm x 10mm or 1.6mm x 12mm size.

Circular barbells are such a versatile piece of body jewellery, and can be used in most piercings, including nipple, septum, belly buttons and ear piercings. The 1.6mm x 12mm (1/2") size have 5mm front facing black jewelled balls, whilst the 1.2mm x 10mm (3/8") CBB's have 4mm Balls.


Bar - 1.6mm or 1.2mm 316L Surgical Steel

Size - 12mm (1/2") or 10mm (3/8")

Ball Size - 5mm or 4mm

Jewel Colour - Black

Also Availablke in - Clear, AB, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Blue

Only suitable for use in healed piercings

Range - Circular Barbells, Horseshoes, CBB's