Sterling Silver Blue Crystal Swirl Reverse Belly Bar

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Long reverse belly bar with a sterling silver swirl which is set with sapphire blue crystals

These inverted sterling silver curve navel bars have a 10mm surgical steel shaft and are worn inserted downwards into the belly button piercing.


Featuring a long sterling silver swirl which is set with seven sapphire blue crystals, this reverse belly bar has a 10mm (3/8") surgical steel shaft. The design measures 30mm x 10mm and the piece is worn by inserting the shaft downwards into the piercing.

These inverted curve navel bars are also available with clear, black, green and purple stones.


Bar - 1.6mm (14g) 316L Surgical Steel

Length - 10mm

5mm Screw on Ball

Design - Sterling Silver

Jewel Colour - Sapphire Blue

Only suitable for healed navel piercings

Range - Inverted Belly Bars