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bellybar.co.uk is based in the United Kingdom and have been supplying body jewellery, belly bars,navel rings & belly button piercing jewellery etc., through our websites since 2001

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Our aim is for you to be happy with your body jewellery purchase, so if you are not or have any problems using our online shop, please let us know.

All card payments are dealt with by worldpay.com at their secure site, so we do not recieve any of you card details. (We only accept card payments this way, as it is the safest way to pay.)

We aim to send orders within 24 hours of them being placed, and we do try to send orders made before 1pm the day they are made, but sometimes we are just too busy to do this.  

Most 1st class mail is delivered the next working day, but we cannot guarantee the date royal mail will deliver.

Please note that a lot of our bellybars are available in sizes from 6mm,8mm, 10mm and 12mm. This is the bar (which goes into your piercing) length. Most people are pierced with a 10mm long bar, so that will be their size. However, this may change over time, as the body slowly changes. The most popular and most worn size is 10mm, but in a lot of cases this will be different. This is why belly button bars are available in different sizes. As a lot of our designs are hand finished and sized by us, we may be able (on certain designs) to make shorter or longer belly bars , and if your piercing is even smaller than 6mm or longer than 12mm, please ask us which bars we can change to any size you want. 

All of our belly bars are 1.6mm thick (14gauge), which is the standard belly button piercing thickness. Tongue bars are the same thickness (1.6mm or 14gauge), and eyebrow jewellery is usually 1.2mm(16gauge) , but some is also 1.6mm(14gauge) thick.

 If you are unsure about how to measure your navel piercing size then the best way is to find a bar that fits you well (not tight, but with just a tiny bit (1/2-1mm) of the bar visible when worn.) Take the bar and measure in a straight line, the distance of the actual bar, don't follow the curve of the bar, and don't include the balls, or design. 

This will be your navel piercing size. It is quite important to try and wear the correct size if possible, as a bar that is too long may catch on clothing etc., and when the bar is too short no air will get to the skin, and it will also be uncomfortable. If you try to measure your piercing size and are unsure, ask in a good body piercing studio if they would check for you. 

For some time now, UK body piercers have by law had to use titanium for initial piercings, and when the piercing has fully healed, then you can wear surgical steel. Some people are allergic to titanium, and some are to surgical steel.  If your piercing feels itchy and looks red, and it should have healed but will not, then the chances are that you are showing an allergic reaction to the bar you are wearing. If this is the case then visit a good piercing studio and ask them to have a look at your piercing for you.

Both surgical steel and titanium look very similar to the untrained eye, so you will find it hard to tell the difference, neither is magnetic, and titanium is a slightly darker greyish colour than surgical steel. Titanium is also a lot lighter in weight than surgical steel, and a lot stronger. Some titanium has an anodised finish, to give it any of a range of colours, and surgical steel can also be finished in this way. Titanium is a lot harder to work than surgical steel, and also is more expensive:

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