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Belly bars, belly rings, tongue bars, body jewellery and belly button jewellery from The UK's best collection of beautifully made sterling silver, titanium and surgical steel belly bars. Our online body jewellery shop has thousands of different designs of navel jewellery including long dangly belly bars, designer belly bars and unusual and pretty disco ball belly bars in a range colours and styles. We also stock a wide range of other body piercing jewellery, including tongue bars, eyebrow rings, labret and tragus studs, nose studs and industrial ear piercing barbells in both surgical steel and titanium and flesh tunnels and plugs. We try to use UK manufacturers as much as we possibly can and are always open to suggestions for items/designs which you would like to see on the website.

You will receive a free belly bar or another body jewellery item with all orders over £5 excluding postage.







Our 2015 range of body piercing jewellery is growing all of the time. With stunning designer belly bars, sterling silver belly bars, disco ball belly button bars, we have lots of new designs in solid sterling silver settings, which include,  long dangly navel bars, chandelier styles, lizard & butterfly navel bars, and an increasing range of titanium belly bars, with both fixed & dangly designs. A new and stunning range of body piercing jewellery with titanium bars, with lengths including 6mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm. Body jewellery for belly dancing, with long drop dangly styles, with beautiful and unusual designs. Surgical steel navel jewellery with solid sterling silver designs and lots more belly button and other body piercing jewellery. We have just launched a new collection which features belly bars made entirely from surgical steel. We also stock jewellery for tongue piercings, including tongue bars and studs with uv glow balls, jewelled, coloured and glow in the dark tongue jewellery, dice tongue studs, eyebrow rings, and new logo barbells, and body jewellery. New items of body jewellery are usually added to the website weekly, with lots of new ear lobe expanders, flesh tunnels, septum rings, tongue piercing jewellery, tragus studs, labrets and cartilage and helix piercing jewellery,  and of course lots of new surgical steel navel jewellery. Most of our body jewellery for navel piercings is now available in bar lengths of 6mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm, and many are now available with titanium bars . If your navel piercing is even smaller than our regular 6mm lengths, and you need something shorter, please ask as we may be able to provide you with it. A huge range of body jewellery for all sorts of body piercings.


 *FREE BODY JEWELLERY will be an item of our choice, usually from our UV range of body jewelry. Order only £5.00 (excluding postage) and you will receive a free item of our choice. For example, if your order is mainly for navel jewellery, we will usually send you a free navel bar, if your order is for tongue bars, we will send a free tongue stud, unless you state you would rather have body jewellery for another piercing.

FREE UK Delivery is by 1st class mail with orders over £15.00 (excluding postage).

All of our body jewellery is high grade 316L surgical steel, apart from the acrylic, flexible, ptfe and titanium ranges. Belly button jewellery is our speciality and you will find hundreds of unusual body piercing jewellery designs for your tummy button piercing, from designer sterling silver belly bars, to single jewelled surgical steel and titanium navel bars, lovely jewellery at fantastic prices. Why not treat your piercings to some of our body jewellery. We try to get the newest jewellery designs and specialise in  unusual belly bars, designer and classic body jewellery for belly piercings, beautiful crystal bellybars for your wedding day, titanium belly rings, cheap belly bars with uv glow, acrylic balls, lots more tummy button piercing jewellery and many other body piercing jewellery items  to suit all tastes. Most of the styles of our designer belly bars include jewelled screw on top balls that have a solid sterling silver claw setting unless otherwise stated, and come with 6mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm & sometimes 14mm stem lengths, and are manufactured from either high grade surgical steel or titanium.

 We stock a huge range of body jewellery for all kinds of piercings, and our online shop specialising in belly bars has been online since 2000.   

latest website update, Thursday 16th April 2015